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What people have said about EAP

“There’s something, about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” (Attributed to Sir Winston Churchill.

From an article in Equine Wellness:

“In the presence of these quiet, non-judgmental horses, my confidence grew and my stuttering decreased as I learned to breathe deeply and be present to the moment, rather than losing myself in negative internal dialogue,” she says. “I was able to understand and compassionately accept and adjust to my ‘spatial claustrophobia’ when I was around others, and this enabled me to appreciate emotional intelligence and resiliency, and allow my feelings to support, rather than overwhelm me. The immediacy of the horses’ response, their art of non-verbal communication and mirroring of my feelings and thoughts, enabled me to go beyond the traditional treatment therapies I had previously accessed.”

Horse as Teacher by Wendy Golding, As seen in: AWM Vol. 8 Issue 5

  1. Kathleen permalink

    My interaction with horses has done much more for me then all the years of more traditional therapy I’ve had. Horses heal hearts 🙂

    • Red Hills Equine Therapy permalink

      So glad you have experienced the healing power of horses, Kathleen! I am in awe of my cotherapists 🙂

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